About the title

About the title

I changed the title of the blog on March 20, 2013 (it used to have the title “Notes of an owl”). This was my immediate reaction to the news the T. Gowers was presenting to the public the works of P. Deligne on the occasion of the award of the Abel prize to Deligne in 2013 (by his own admission, T. Gowers is not qualified to do this).

The issue at hand is not just the lack of qualification; the real issue is that the award to P. Deligne is, unfortunately, the best compensation to the mathematical community for the 2012 award of Abel prize to Szemerédi. I predicted Deligne before the announcement on these grounds alone. I would prefer if the prize to P. Deligne would be awarded out of pure appreciation of his work.

I believe that mathematicians urgently need to stop the growth of Gowers's influence, and, first of all, his initiatives in mathematical publishing. I wrote extensively about the first one; now there is another: to take over the arXiv overlay electronic journals. The same arguments apply.

Now it looks like this title is very good, contrary to my initial opinion. And there is no way back.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The first post

This is mainly a test of the feel and look of this particular Google template and my customizations of it. A part of the test is the following picture of a little piece of my life.

This close-up photograph was done by me in my office by an outdated cell phone.

So, I am the © copyright holder of this silly picture!

Most of this stuff should either go trash, or be destroyed because it may contain some private information (not about me), or returned to library (now I am very reluctant to return books to the library; they have very high chances to end up in a trash truck there), etc. And some things are valuable. The main problem is to sort out what belong to what category.

Probably, this is sufficient for a test. Good luck!

Next post: A reply to some remarks by André Joyal.

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